Face Painting at the Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley

I had a lovely time painting faces at the Elsecar Heritage Centre in Barnsley this weekend.  It’s an old butterfly and flower face pianting, elsecar heritage centre, barnsleycolliery with beautiful old sand stone buildings, a steam railway and visitors’ centre.  To tempt you further there are shops selling antiques and vintage style goodies.

uv face painting, zoo project face paintingI love doing really bright face painting using uv colours so it was a delight to paint this lovely bright tiger face.

Despite the blustery weather the weekend was well attended with some exciting acts and performances and on the Sunday afternoon, visitors came in droves to get their little ones (and not so little ones!) transformed.

This cute little cub went away feeling very tigerish.tigertiger face painting, elsecar visitor centre

The best challenge was the request for a rainbow mermaid.  You’ll have to take my word for it – it was gorgeous. There was no time to get a photo which is a big shame Never mind, I’m going to offer it big style on my next booking and will hopefully get some pics.  🙂

Then there was the boy who absolutely didn’t want to be painted.  No way.  No, Dad was going to have his face painted instead!  Luckily Dad was up for it  – the things we do for our children, eh?  And here he is, in all his tigerish glory.

adult face painting, zoo project, tigertiger face painting


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