Face Painting & Body Art, Skipton Fake Festival

I love face painting at music festivals 🙂 adult face paint, tiger face paint

Here are just a few photos from what was a verrry busy day at Skipton’s Fake Festival.

adult face painting, festival face painting, butterfly face painting What’s a Fake Festival? I hear you ask.  Is it a festival that is just pretending to be a festival?  Nope. It’s a real festival with real bands, tribute bands to be precise. The Fake Festivals tour the UK bringing such tribute acts as Queen, Foo Fighters, The Jam, Oasis.

The Skipton Festival was packed with happy folks enjoying the sunshine and music and um, beer.

psychedelic face painting, festival face painting,As with any great festival it brought out everyone’s sense of fun and our gazebo was bursting at the seams with both adults and children all wanting face and body art.

I painted about 20 zillion faces while my partner in crime did air brush tattoos, glitter tattoos, coloured hair extensions, crimp-in hair braids and glitter lips.

sugar skull mask face paint, adult face painting,festival face paint